Initiate the Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage of what – this blog, success, relationships?  No, the pilgrimage of life as a BTech. Architectural Technology: Applied Design Student – the title that most of us at the start of our university careers dreamed about.

To the laymen who aren’t familiar with the course:

An Architectural Technologist is the practical executor of the architect’s conceptual designs.  Our work involves drawing, site surveying, presentation preparation, detail and landscape design, preparation of working drawings and supervision of the building process.

After the 3 year NDip. (Diploma) we are able to apply for the BTech. (Degree) program (either Technology or Applied Design).

Backtracking to 2015 when a group of young, dumb and broke high school kids thought it’d be a good idea to study Architectural Technology.  Don’t let the course title intimidate you, the course itself will see to it that the term ‘blood, sweat and tears’ is no myth.

Fast forward to 2018, I find myself in the company of legends that, today, are not so young, not so dumb; however, the financial status still remains – broke.  Standing on a misty bridge, we stare into the abyss, the eerie path before our feet, we pack what we have done, learnt and experienced over the past 3 years into our rug-sacks in an attempt to challenge this unknown pilgrimage of uncertainty.  What we will find along the road is uncharted; so is the road as a matter of fact.

I cannot think more clearly about my next move – I shall meet the abyss and uncertainty. And run.

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