9 Types of Students You Encounter During an All-Nighter

Architectural technology, architecture and interior design students will find out, very early on in their university careers, that all-nighters are (ironically) the stuff of nightmares.  They’re a necessary gear in the mechanics of these courses and even sometimes a last resort when a project is due and you have run out times you can say “I’ll do that tomorrow.”  During an all-nighter, you encounter very different types of students; interesting characters; special breeds.

Look out for these beings:

1 – The Robots:

Robots are usually found glued to their seats with bloodshot eyes fixated on the screen.  They will under no circumstances leave their desks for periods shorter than 8 hours as the only micro-movements you’ll witness is their hands moving the cursors and typing in shortcut commands.  In the occurrence of a fire, robots might glance at the flames and continue working.


2 – Coffee Addicts:

Coffee addicts rely on dark liquid caffeine to carry them through the night.  Every 30 minutes, they indulge in a ritual – refilling – where an empty cup is refilled with newer; stronger qualities than the previous brew.


3 – Deaf Jukeboxes:

Deaf jukeboxes are all about music – loud music.  They have the ability to listen to incredibly high decibels without permanent damage and maintain that it’s not loud enough.  Furthermore, the deaf jukeboxes are able to hone in on their work at hand and not be phased by the maxed out volume gauge.  Non-deaf jukeboxes are able to listen to the music very clearly – from the studio/lab next door.


4 – Complainers:

We get it, all-nighters suck!  Most students just want to get the work done and go to bed.  Complainers on the other hand choose to waste their energy on counting how many hours they’ve gone without sleeping and reciting it every half hour to any poor soul in the room.


5 – PRO-crastinators:

Procrastinators are professionals in the art of doing anything other than work.  They spend a copious amount of time on Facebook; YouTube; Instagram; anything not relating to work.  While procrastinators are doing what they do best, they also try to influence others into procrastinating with them by sharing videos, laughing at memes and wandering around the studios/labs.  Watch out for these people as they do tempt you into joining them on adventures to the local petrol (gas) station.


6 – Egotists:

Arguably the most annoying breed of characters are the egotists.  Having finished hours before everyone else, egotists relish in everyone else’s pain and suffering.  Around 23:00 you can usually find them circulating the studio/lab – like sharks – boasting to everyone that they are already done and can get a full night’s sleep.


7 – Wannabes:

Wannabes is a bit of a sad case.  They say they do all-nighters, but no one can remember ever seeing them after 23:00.  While they are living the dream of going to bed at a healthy time, they want to be included in the exclusive group of all-nighter survivors, making the claim that staying until any time after 22:00.


8 – Food Junkies:

Food junkies are easy to spot.  They can be seen entering the studio/labs with plastic bags overflowing with food and snacks and drinks.  They are “set for the night” with a chicken leg in one hand and a liter of Coke in the other, they are ready to face the work.


9 – Magicians:

Magicians are mystical characters that perform magic tricks so advanced that it leaves you stunned with surprise.  Magicians usually rock-up late in the evening (around 22:00) with little-to-no work to show for themselves, yet by using some unknown wizardry they can churn out all the drawings and plans they need by the end of it. How they do it is a closely guarded secret only a select few know.


These 9 types of students you encounter during an all-nighter nurture their skills from day one.  Their skills are not to be taken lightheartedly and should under all circumstances be acknowledged for what they are – elite legends in their own right!


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