Antique Emporium

Antique Emporium

humewood | gqeberha | south africa


We are required to design a new building that acts as host for the principle tenant of a major Antique Dealer’s collection and business. The centre is also to include (as a second-primary tenant) a major Book Collector’s collection and business. Over and above these, suitable complimentary tenants must be investigated and space provided for them as well as surrounding activities that will allow the Emporium to grow a reputation as a delightful and intriguing specialist venue — enhanced by experiential shopping, socialising and interaction. These could be from such a list as: Restaurant(s), Home industries/Coffee shop(s), Confectionary Bar, Health Bar, Corporate mini-conference Lounge Facility/Space for Hot Desking Letting, Space for Hobbyists, Collectors, etc. All age groups should be considered and catered for appropriately. Generally, a place to browse, to be intrigued, to be nostalgic, to be curious, to be informed, to pass the time, to chat, to meet others, to spend money, to find bargains, to network, to see and be seen AND for the developers/owners to make money.

  • Developing the planning solution for a fairly complex building accommodation schedule requiring multiple storey and volumetric development.
  • To investigate the architectural requirements of the nature of particular activities and design a building that accommodates and caters for these requirements.
  • The development of an appropriate structural response for large space/s provision.
  • To investigate appropriate spatial responses in both plan and section to accommodate the technicalities of the programmed activities but in particular to accommodate and celebrate the social interaction patterns of the user groups who will enjoy the facility you create for them.
  • The development of an appropriate aesthetic and economic response.
  • The investigation of appropriate materials and construction methods.


The design for The Humewood Emporium came about from the lack of a direct connection between the top (South) steet, Oakworth Street, and the parking lot of the Humewood Spar. The current visual connection is very evident and it should be preserved as much as possible. Direct Northern light into the building is important to take note of as it may affect some of the specific items and delicate items within the building’s various dedicated entities.

The Humewood Emporium takes on the simple and strongly natured characteristic of a shed-like factory design. This is to mimic the sheds that is clearly noticed at the harbour — the view one has from the emporium. The Northern edge of the site is closed down to normal vehicles and only allows for food truck stands and pedestrians to meander around and generate an enticing atmosphere of a truly interacting emporium.

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