I’m Wim and it’s lovely to see you here. Welcome to a little part of me that I share to the world (and yes, you). But before we go too fast, here’s a little more about me and what this web-blog-portfolio-thing is all about.

I’m an Architect… sort of… not really… well, not yet

I am a Masters of Architecture student in Gqeberha, South Africa at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU). Previously, I have completed:

  • Diploma in Architectural Technology — N.Dip. Arch.Tech [2017]
  • Bachelors of Architectural Technology: Applied Design — B.Tech: AP [2018]
  • Bachelors of Architectural Studies (Honours) — BAS (Hons.) [2021]

(the above qualifications were all completed at the same institution at which I am currently completing my Masters degree — NMU)

My (current) Outlook on Architecture:

While creativity is always the goal, concentration on resolving key functional planning challenges is paramount; all the while incorporating architectural creativity to each evolving design solution.

During my first 4 years at university in the Architectural Technology program (which was intentionally selected to gather a background on technology, structural and sustainable design), I have acquired knowledge on various design routes, forms and formats.

A route in architecture which I would like to delve into, research and ultimately become a designer of, is Urban Design and the sustainability thereof. I want to develop design solutions which is both client- and context sensitive. I am also very interested in the residential aspect of urbanism as it deals with people and the inner psychological effects a building can have.

bio-dye centre

The bio-dye plant aims to rehabilitate the derelict nature of the North End Lake site on various premises. The Lake itself is in desperate need of rehabilitation and cleaning (through means of well-designed architecture and processes). The once-loved and vibrant site needs to be taken into consideration by activating all its edges with ties to the deprived community. This proposal would set itself apart from former industrial and factory-like projects in that it opens its doors to the public on an urban scale – injecting much needed vibrancy, energy and income into the site and immediate surrounding community.

Crossways primary school

This design came about through one main theme: to create spaces where all children experience maximum comfort.  A prominent South-Wes and South-East wind is not uncommon on site — therefore the decision was made to create a barrier with the classrooms and play areas on the other side.  To the North, a spectacular panoramic view encapsulates serendipity with a valley, leading to a stream and dam, and eventually beyond the valley, a breath-taking pine grove; a green carpet. 


The Hub on Upper Valley focuses on commercial interaction between the street and the built façade.  Shops bleed out onto wide pedestrian-friendly pavements where on-street and trees parking are also incorporated to slow down the current traffic flow and subsequently, increase pedestrian movement and interaction.  Across the proposed design, is a proposal for a public recreational park where residents and avid park-goers can meander and stroll through the pathways that lead towards the Baakens River where picnics, ball games, jogging, yoga classes and kite flying can be enjoyed and practiced alike.


The Humewood Emporium takes on the simple and strongly natured characteristic of a shed-like factory design. This is to mimic the sheds that is clearly noticed at the harbour – the view one has from the emporium.  The Northern edge of the site is closed down to normal vehicles and only allows for food truck stands and pedestrians to meander around and generate an enticing atmosphere of a truly interacting emporium.


The form of the design was based off the spectacular view one gets when looking North towards the sea (harbour).  The view spans further than one-hundred meters (100m) and lights up with thousands of lights in the evening. The site is also sloping down from the access to the site hence a rigorous steel-frame support structure was implemented to deal with the steep descent.

The Urban Amp

The notion for a building that strengthens the people it serves has come forward through means of a megaphone.  Like a megaphone, The Urban Amp amplifies.  It’s main focus is the arts as that is its main function; however, it does act as an urban gathering space – an iconic piece of structure made to be used and explored by people.


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