Sunrise | Coffee | View

All-nighters in Building 8 (Architecture Department of Nelson Mandela University; NMU) can be somewhat of a horrific experience for the inexperienced but, for people like us, antique furniture pieces of this building, it’s something that occurs more than one cares to admit.  In a previous post, I wrote about the different types of people you encounter during an all-nighter but I haven’t explained what happens after 20+ hours in Building 8 (yes, 20 hours is the bare minimum to qualify as an all-nighter according to us).

After a long haul of MIN. 20 hours, you ARE TIRED – ?!@# tired!  But one thing makes it all worth it – apart from the fact that you’ve been productive and made decent enough progress on your portfolio to be satisfied regarding work.  Sunrise views from Building 8’s rooftop with a coffee (and sometimes a morning cigarette to take the edge off).

This picture (taken by me) of a good mate of mine encapsulates this perfectly as a paradigm.



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