The Valley Mixed-Use Hub

The Valley Mixed-Use Hub

baakens valley | gqeberha | south africa


Design a mixed-use development that realizes the full potential of the site, but also contributes to the consolidation and enrichment of the urban or quasi urban context. In this instance the Mixed Use is to probably be made up of Residential and Commercial and Food and Beverage outlets. The nature of the Residential must be that which falls within the definitions of “Social Housing”.

  • To investigate the implications of residential and commercial usage when architecturally combined.
  • Resolving the conflicts that can be associated with vertical planning and servicing of a fairly complex building accommodation schedule.
  • The development of an appropriate structural response for a 3 – 4 storey building.
  • To investigate appropriate spatial responses in both plan and section to accommodate the requirements for the different usage categories and the different user groups. In particular, to accommodate and celebrate the social interaction patterns of the diverse user groups who will enjoy the facility you create for them.
  • The development of a suitable contextual response.
  • The development of an appropriate aesthetic and economic (SHRA housing demands this) response.
  • The investigation of appropriate materials.


The design of The Hub on Upper Valley came about from a lack of established space and place within the immediate context. Upper Valley Road has a decently established community at the end of its precinct; however, it tends to disintegrate towards the centre of the road (near the circle connection with Brickmakers Road). A great need for commercial activities and entities are required in this area to revitalise this area.

The Hub on Upper Valley focuses on commercial interaction between the street and the built façade. Shops bleed out onto wide pedestrian-friendly pavements where on-street and trees parking are also incorporated to slow down the current traffic flow and subsequently, increase pedestrian movement and interaction. Across the proposed design, is a proposal for a public recreational park where residents and avid park-goers can meander and stroll through the pathways that lead towards the Baakens River where picnics, ball games, jogging, yoga classes and kite flying can be enjoyed and practiced alike.

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